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Music Lesson Testimonials

A Teenage Student, 2020

Chris is such an encouraging, patient, cheerful, kind, and friendly teacher! He has such a fun and effective teaching style that truly has helped me grow in my music and in my performance confidence! It’s always a blast learning music theory, composition, and improvisation from him. He‘s fantastic at what he does!

A Parent of a Student, 2020

Chris is excellent!!  Not only is he highly skilled and trained as a musician, he is encouraging and knows how to relate to children and teens. My 14 year old daughter learned how to improvise on both cello and piano in church choir with Chris's guidance. She used to feel timid to play at weekly Mass, however, her confidence grew with Chris's fun and uplifting approach. "

A Parent of Two Elementary School Students, 2020

I highly recommend Chris. I am always amazed by his dedication and response to my daughters.  His method of teaching is very effective; my wife and I always appreciate him. 

A Teenage Student, 2020

Chris is such an amazing, talented, patient, and friendly teacher. He always has a smile on his face when he is working with children, teens, and adults. Over the summer of 2019, I attended one of Chris' Liturgical Music Leadership Camp and it was awesome! Over the course of a week, I learned many new skills, like becoming a leader, improving my music theory, and so much more. Chris is such a kind person and I would love to join one of his classes again in the near future.

A Teenage Student, 2020

Chris is great at interacting with and teaching youths like us. He encourages each of us to do our best and is always patient and friendly with us. I appreciate how he puts a lot of time and effort in his work and the events he organizes, and I learned a lot from his lessons on composition and conducting.

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